MQ vs MK Differences

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The SD33 in the MK was available as either NA or turbo. The 2 motors had some differences, please refer to this wiki page for information.

Part MQ MK Notes
All Vehicles
Front Suspension Straight Shackles Stepped shackles, as the front eye of the spring is wider.(60mm) Springs and shackles can be swapped.
Headlights (and grille) Round 7” Lights Square Lights -
Tail lights Round plug.
Lights from top: indicator-brake-reverse.
Square plug.
Lights from top: brake-brake-reverse. Indicator is in bumper.
Front indicators Round plug Square plug Source:
SD33 Specific Vehicles
Electrics 24v 12v NZ 2nd hand direct import from Japan came as 24v.
Tacho No provision Standard -
Oil Filter Cartridge style Spin-on type Filter ‘housing’ can be swapped.
Fuel Pump Controller 3 position.
From front: start-run-stop
2 position.
From front: run-stop