Factory Engine Fans

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The following information was taken from this thread: http://www.patrol4x4.com/forum/nissan-patrol-mq-mk-12/p-p40-engine-overheating-43270/

Post 12, David_S says the following;

I am not sure of the differences between the G60 and MQ cooling systems but I suspect the MQ has a bigger radiator than the G60 and the MQ fan is a 430mm dia 7-blade plastic fan with viscous coupling. There is (was?) an optional 450 dia 8-blade fan.

from neRok:

Whilst going through my spare parts, I discovered I had a 7 and 8 blade fan, so I took a picture to compare. Although, I dont know if either of both of these are factory or aftermarkets fans, but they look about the same size and have similar mounts.