Engine Conversion

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Converting 160’s to use different engines is fairly popular. Newer engines generally have more power and torque, better economy and greater after-market support, making them excellent replacements. Below is a collection of information relating to the conversions.


The following companies make parts to suit many different conversions.

Chev V8’s (all)

Refer to the dedicated wiki page.

Ford 6

A build thread: http://www.patrol4x4.com/forum/nissan-patrol-mq-mk-12/ford-ef-efi-engine-into-my-mk-59858/

Ford V8

None found.

Holden V6

A thread about using the VN-VR Commodore V6 (aka Buick motor): http://www.patrol4x4.com/forum/nissan-patrol-mq-mk-12/v6-commodore-into-mq-30389/ PS, the VS-VZ Commodore V6 (aka Ecotec motor) could be converted in a very similar manor.

Holden V8

Refer to the dedicated wiki page.

Nissan RB engines

Refer to the dedicated wiki page.

Toyota 1UZ-FE

A build thread: http://www.4wdaction.com.au/forum/viewtopic.php?f=22&t=17736 The same user, jclures, is also on Patrol4x4, so you may find more information in threads there.

Fuel Options

Using old carby V8s is a popular option, as the engines are fairly cheap. A common upgrade to street based motors is the use of a Holley carb, as new models are more advanced than the factory fitted units, providing better power and economy. Holleys (and similar carbs) when used off-road have a problem with the design of the fuel bowls, as hills effect the floats which effects the fuel supply. Often the vehicles will flood and stall on even the slightest of hills. It is recommended that you consider this when choosing a V8 to use in your vehicle. There are a few different options to fuel a V8, and each have their own pros and cons.

Using Carby

Can mod Holleys but doesnt work very well.

Quadrajet works good, has different design for fuel supply.

Using Straight Gas/LPG

Gas is good on hills, no flood etc.

If you run out of gas, your stuffed. Plus you don’t get the same mileage.

Using Gas/LPG and Petrol

Good mileage off the petrol, then switch to gas for the hills.

More parts, more to go wrong.

Using Fuel Injection (EFI)

No flood etc.

Extra electronic components can be a problem with water crossings etc.

Can covert a carby motor to EFI

  • Use after-market components
  • Source the factory components
  • Get a bolt on efi-carb.

Choose the motor in factory EFI form, ie the 350 Chev, 302 Ford and 304 Holdens are all available in EFI.

More information on all aspects can be found in this thread http://www.patrol4x4.com/forum/nissan-patrol-mq-mk-12/wat-v8s-u-guys-running-mq-mk-s-44128/