Engine Conversion - Nissan RB30

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These threads are about using an RB30 motor, such as the fuel injected version found in the VL Commodore;

The following is a dump of information regarding a GQ RB30 motor conversion into a MQ LWB with 5 speed manual.

Use the VL sandwich plate as a template to drill / file out the top two gear box bellhousing holes.

Motor is on a lean and the inlet manifold hits the steering colume. Modife gear box mounts, make a spacer for drivers side and shortern the pass side by at least 40mm. Engine mounts need to be manufactured - Use the RB30 and l28 mounts, cut and weld with the correct angle.

Radiator - retain the l28 radiator, Bottom hose - use a VL bottom hose. Top hose extend the hose across the front of the radiator, or purchase a staineless radiator hose off ebay.

Power steering - Use the RB30 power steering pump, and mount the resivor on the passenger guard. Obtaon a high pressure L28 and RB30 hose, get enzo to joine the two. Rb30 end goes to the power steering pump.

Use a rb30 fly wheel ( I used a vl one and fitted a VL rb30 clutch kit.

Use a gq starter motor - l28 one does not fit

L28 air comp did not fit - check as there are a number of differant pumps around

Alternator - I use a VL internal regualted alterantor, but changed the pully

Chank - Im running a vbelt (gq rb30)

Using a VL motor - Obtain a sump of a GQ rb30 as the vl version is at the front. Gq use V belt, vl are serpintine. Depending on the acc you can go either way.

EFI - try and obtain a r31 skyline loom disst set up as its easier to convert

Improvement, I can now sit in 5th gear and go up the hume running on LPG. Off road its made a big diffeance - its like driving a new car. - Im very happy with the conversion